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Cohesion is strength, unity is hope

Date: 2022/01/26 10:21:54 * Browse: 300
In order to enhance team spirit and bonding among colleagues,Feiting organized two-day team building activity in Rose Garden from January 15 to 16,2022.

On 15th morning, all the staff of the expansion training lined up in blue waistcoats and divided in to four teams, and made concerted efforts to determine their team name,leader,badges and slogen. The four teams was full of passion and high fighting spirit.

First, the morale of the Weihu team was high. They shouted the team slogan "Weihu, Weihu, not afraid of hardship, strive for the first, and never admit defeat", showing their domineering spirit. The Menghu was also unwilling to fall behind. Under the leadership of Captain Zhang bixiong, they bravely showed their courage to surpass everything. The Heihu team  and Yongshi team also showed their youthful and energetic team modeling.


After the warm-up activity, the training activity officially began.Under the guidance of the professional coach, we carried out the two games which named as "Building tower with joint efforts" and "Mobilizing soldiers on the battlefield".Among them, the "Building tower with joint efforts" needs to be completed within a specific period of time. After continuous failure and exploration, our team finally found the essence of the activity to convey "unity". A perfect team always takes unity as its core idea.Finally, weihu team completed the task in the shortest time ,demonstrating the team's strong cohesion.

In the afternoon, four teams had a fierce baseball game. The baseball game was divided into the offensive side and the defensive side. Each team has 12 people. There are three games, One attack and defense of each team is one set of game. The two teams take turns in attack and defense, and the one with more scores is the winner. Finally, the Weihu team won the final victory which fully responded to their team's slogan "strive for the first, never admit defeat!"

After a day of intense sports, we held the 2022 welcome party at Xinzhou Junhao hotel. The annual meeting is divided into four session. First, Mr.Wen, general manager of Sunwen, delivered a speech. Mr.Wen said that 2021 was a difficult year and a harvest year, but the achievements belong to the past and still need to work hard in the future. We firmly believe that 2022 will be better; Secondly, "award-winning Q & A" session and the interactive game of "guessing song names"; after that our exciting annual meeting lucky draw which have rich bonuses and high-end prizes. We also received a blessing video from colleagues from afar. Although we are thousands of miles away, we can't stop our deep friendship. In the cold winter night, a spring festival blessing warms people's hearts. The whole dinner was full of laughter and joy. The happy time is always so short, but the heartfelt blessing is always with us. Let's remember this beautiful time together.



On 16th morning, it was an indoor sand table project - harvest season. We were divided into 11 groups. Through 10 rounds of challenges, each group needed to complete the target fishing quantity of more than 32 and the total target of 350. Create a business model in which many enterprises compete with each other, operate their own enterprises according to the requirements, and maximize the profits of their own enterprises within the specified time.

After that, everyone expressed their own ideas about the harvest and experience of this course.

The summary is as follows:

1: Need effective cross departmental communication;

2: The importance of team goals and department goals;

3: Efficient decision-making of team leadership;

4: Team game theory, win-win thinking. 

Trust is the premise of teamwork; Trust is the foundation of the team's continuous success; Without high trust, there is no excellent team.


On 16th afternoon, we organized a barbecue. In this great atmosphere, everyone was laughing, passionate and energetic, fully enjoying their  abundant food. The cool mushrooms were in full swing, with tears in their eyes; The male compatriots ate heartily and glossy.


Finally, our dragon dance conference. Dragon dance is a highly collective session, with clear division of responsibilities and roles. For a high-quality dragon dance performance,it strictly requires everyone to have a good team spirit, and the routine actions should be vivid, coordinated, smooth, beautiful and generous.All the team members participated in the dragon dance, dragon dance,dragon melting, dragon winding and the finishing touch of President Wen,which made the dragon dance activities novel and fun, achieved the unity of dragon and man, and boosted morale. Through dragon dance, cultivate teamwork spirit,enhance enterprise cohesion, and enhance employees' loyalty,sense of belonging and sense of honor to the company.


The outward bound training activity came to a successful end. Solidarity and cooperation, mutual trust, is our biggest harvest in this shall have a strong fighting ability, Team cohesion, combat effectiveness, team culture and common belief are the cornerstone of team success.We hope everyone can make brilliant achievements in the fertile soil of Sunwen.

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